D-Link brings IoT Products to India

Current Affairs 29-July-15 (3)

D-Link (India) Limited is gearing up to create a stir in the Smart Home Segment. The company will ring in a new technology era based on Internet of Things (IoT) with its latest product line of Connected Home Solution.

The Connected Home Solution from D-Link comprises of Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Motion Sensor, Audio Extender and apps to connect and get them talking to each other.

It is designed to bring the convenience and flexibility of …

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State governments are stepping up efforts to attract foreign investment

Current Affairs 29-July-15 (2)

With the launch of the ‘Make in India’ campaign, State governments have now increased lobbying with companies to set up offices and manufacturing facilities in their states, with an aim to improve the current investment scene as well as Jobs in India. This is an opportunity that industries had been waiting for years.

“We get calls from secretaries of various state governments asking us to place our offices in their states.” said

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With the advent of automation, Tech companies lose over 1 lakh people in a year

Current Affairs 29-July-15 (1)

Even though IT giants like TCS and Infosys are consistently growing greater in size and scale with each passing year, the industry seems to be cutting down the number of IT jobs in India more than ever before.

An analysis by ET shows that over the last four quarters, largest software exporters like TCS, Wipro and Infosys together have lost roughly over 100,000 people.

This drastic change is majorly due to automation and the advent …

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Exploring the latest trends in hiring 2015

Jobs in IndiaWith every new financial year comes a new beginning for companies, not just in terms of better strategies or well-optimised budgets, but also with regards to hiring new candidates whose potential and talent can help get the ball rolling. Companies now understand the relevance of hiring the right talent for jobs in India in order to obtain the best possible results. And therefore it is imperative for prospective employers & employees to be in tune

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