Hot Job Options for IT Postgraduates

IT Software Jobs at Jobreset

When it comes to job for IT postgraduates in India, the options are limited. Given that most companies hire software engineers for IT related roles, IT postgraduates are often left with no choice but to go for jobs with comparatively less demand or with tasks that have nothing to do with their skills.

However, here is a good news for IT postgraduates. With increasing demand of skilled IT resources, most companies are hiring people who …

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How to Build a Successful Career in Software Testing?

software-testing jobs at jobreset

With growing dependence on computers for functioning of almost every industry, the demand for software testing has largely increased over the past decade.  There is a growing understanding about the importance of software testing and it has now become an integral function of any tech company.

Given the fact that software testing is carried in every phase of product life cycle, it is critical that an aspiring software tester should have detailed technical knowledge and

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What is the Job Trend in India? Let the numbers speak!

Jobs! Career! Profession! Never-Ending confusion. Are you also caught in this maze of future decisions? Which sector to look for? What exam to prepare for? These are some of the most brainstormed questions that haunt the youth of the nation. Then how to decide what is the best for us? Well here I have tried to bring to you some very interesting numbers that are fun to know and important to assess before taking the …

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Interview Questions for HR Professionals

HR Jobs in India

Human Resource (HR) is a very important part of every organization. From recruitment, to discipline, employee relation management, training and development, workplace safety, and many such important department are handled by HR professionals. Small companies usually have a general HR professional that can handle work in all the above mentioned areas. Whereas a big company have multiple HR specialist professionals each with a specific expertise.

Interview questions for a HR specialist include questions that can …

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Getting Jobs in India Made Easy with Job Reset

Job Reset

India has started to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In order to keep up with the rapid growth, the number of job opportunities has also risen considerably. There was a time when Indian youths preferred only government jobs to secure their future, get a good pay, and even the attractive remunerations that come along. But now, times have changed, and the young lads are ready to explore all the available

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